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In the modern Oil & Gas economic climate, emerging companies must be as dynamic and diverse as the industry itself. At Tribus Energy, we use our experience, resources, professional relationships, and expertise in the Oil & Gas Industry to satisfy every aspect of our client’s needs. By being a full service land brokerage company, we have the unique ability to use our qualified and knowledgeable team in a multitude of facets of the industry.

Located in downtown Midland, TX, Tribus Energy, LLC, was founded by Robert W. Bussey, III and Max (Trey) Sandlin, III, in 2016 with the goal of becoming a leader in the Oil & Gas Servicing Industry. Combined, they have over 20 years of field experience and have a clear and precise understanding of the many unique challenges that can arise from each and every prospect or project. Because of this, Mr. Bussey and Mr. Sandlin have made it their personal mission to build a company that is as diverse as it is skilled. Above all, they strive to grow a company who’s prime objective is to deliver results and exceed expectations regardless of the scope, size, location and/or magnitude of any service needed within this highly competitive industry.

Tribus Energy is continuously pursuing opportunities that will allow the company to establish itself as a leader in the Oil & Gas Servicing Industry. At Tribus, we take the utmost pride in the lasting relationships that we have cultivated and maintained throughout this great Industry. We understand that in the absence of other forward thinking and capable establishments, the services that we offer would be rendered unnecessary. Therefore, it is Tribus's primary goal to consistently provide our clients with exceptional service in an ethical, professional and cost effective manner.

Our mission can best be summed up with our three founding principles:




At Tribus Energy, our most vital key for success is earning our clients trust by keeping their interests at heart. We take our work seriously and nourish our business relationships by setting high standards of efficiency and accuracy while always keeping in mind that deadlines and budgeting are two tangibles that must be kept at the forefront of any operation.

Whether it be title and abstracting, curative requirements, lease acquisitions and negotiations, GIS and mapping, or Right of Way services, Tribus Energy possesses the necessary expertise and acumen to not only satisfy our clients’ expectations, but most importantly exceed them.



In order to stay competitive as a full-service land company, Tribus Energy focuses daily on ensuring a superior degree of excellence for any and all services rendered to our clients. We do so by staffing our company with the most qualified and knowledgeable candidates that fit the specific needs of a clients’ project.

In addition to background and reference checks, our landmen are subjected to testing in order to properly determine their level of experience and knowledge in the field and to ensure that their skillset fits and meets the demands of our clients.

Through extensive performance monitoring and diligent quality control checks, Tribus Energy ensures that our product is delivered with the highest degree of merit.



When rendering land services, every company, every state and every county has very specific needs, regulations and ordinances. Parameters greatly vary from play to play, from one company to another, from one landowner to the next. Operations, regulations and the people that fuel them are so diverse that the number of paths one can take to achieve the desirable outcome are endless.

That is why at Tribus Energy we take the time to know our clients, study their prospects and create customizable solutions that will best fit their plans and demands. In order to continue to evolve in a rapidly changing industry, at Tribus Energy we treasure the responsibility of staying current in a field that is as competitive as it is demanding.


Tribus Energy, LLC, a Land Management Company geared towards customizable solutions and modern development

Our Team


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  • Max (Trey) Sandlin III MANAGING PARTNER

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Our Services

  • Project Management

    At Tribus Energy we take great pride in our staff. We conduct intensive interview processes and background checks to ensure that each one of our crew members possesses the skills and experience required to meet the demands of our clients as well as the needs of each project. We thrive on the importance of integrating into our client’s organizations as accountable, reliable and trustworthy team members that work towards common goals.

  • Lease Acquisitions

    Over the past year, our crew has successfully negotiated and acquired hundreds of leases compirsing over 50,000 net mineral acres throughout several of the most competitive counties in West Texas. Among these are Reeves, Pecos, Loving, Howard, Glasscock, Ward, Winkler and Culberson Counties. All of our lease acquisition efforts can be tailored according to client specifications and individual project requirements.

  • Abstracting & Curative

    Tribus Energy clearly understands the importance of preparing dependable, steadfast and cost efficient ownership reports. Our staff, supported by our legal counsel, has the ability, resources and experience that has helped us provide our clients with precise and accurate abstracts. At Tribus Energy, we possess the necessary expertise and acumen needed to appraise the validity of a lease, establish surface and mineral ownership, breakdown net revenue and mineral interests, and cure any defects arising from title or leasing efforts.

  • GIS Mapping Services

    Tribus Energy can take care of all your mapping needs. Our trained and qualified mapping staff can provide up to date, customizable mapping services using whatever software is required by each client, and deliver it by whichever method is most convenient.

  • Right-of-way Acquisitions

    Our Company provides comprehensive right-of-way services including route selection, title, due diligence, curative, permitting, survey coordination, negotiation, acquisition, damage settlement, database coordination and document preparation.

  • Seismic Permitting

    Tribus Energy’s permitting crew ensures to maintain and follow all standards of safety and compliance required by any and all states. Landowner-Agent relationships are very important in this stage of the development process. We take great pride in nourishing our relationships and establishing trust, as the acquisition of seismic permits could potentially lead to surface use and can be the most invasive outside of actual drilling and right-of-way operations.

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